My BFF should just delete him from social media... Right??

So me and my BFF keep getting into arguments about the guy she likes... 
So basically, when she met him, he was in some really bad legal trouble...  But, she was able to see past all of it bc, he was a really "good man"... He was in the church & the community... Plus, he showered her with attention & compliments. 
So, he finds out his case was getting dropped... And, he totally disappears. He stops talking to her as much. Stops trying to see her. The whole 9.
She was really hurt by this bc she was there for him at a really low time. 
Well... They're still connected on social media & he acts like a complete ass. He'll post things about seeing beautiful women, or desiring a relationship. And it makes me mad bc my BFF will see it, and it forces her to think bout him... And, she'll end up getting sad or hurt. 
To make matters worse, he'll only contact her on his time... & when she tries to discuss her feelings, he'll totally disregard them.  
When I talk to her about just deleting him from social media altogether, (so she can truly move on), she refuses.
That's so stupid to me. If you were in that situation, would you just delete him? 
He's so immature. 

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