I have never felt more invaded then I do now. My MIL has been going around telling all my friends that she thinks I'm pregnant. I found out three weeks ago that I was expecting and my husband and I decided we were not going to share it with family until our 8week appointment. I went to lunch with my MIL and friend the day after I found out. They ordered beers at lunch and I said I didn't want one because I was getting over a cold (which I was) AND I didn't want to drink at 12 o clock in the afternoon!!!! For the record I have done this multiple times prior to finding out I was pregnant. I just don't like drinking beer in the afternoon because I have a life! And shit I need to take care of! So immediately she started saying I must be pregnant. Within three weeks I have had 6 different friends of mine ask me if I was pregnant. She then said it in front of half of my husbands family. When we confronted her about it she LIED and said they all asked her and she never said it!!! I had a discussion with her on how this is a personal subject and there could be many reasons I'm not drink (such as it being hard to get pregnant or maybe I had a miscarriage or maybe I just want to tell everyone my damn self) she then said she didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings and would stop. The next day I hear she called my sister in law and was saying how my husband is a little b**** and that I made him a p****. I am so unbelievably done with her I want to just rip her a new one. This is the exact reason we didn't want to tell her and she is literally ruining this for my husband and i! This is our first child and all I feel is stress and anger.