How do I stay positive in this situation?

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I was in school (senior in college). I had to leave shortly after I found out that I have an ovarian cyst. The cyst is causing extreme fatigue and weakness. I can barely get out of bed some morning and I can't even work. I'm stuck at home until I have surgery soon and I can't seem to get all of what I need done. I'm having to rely on my folks and they can't do much. They don't have the funds to really help me and I have trouble eating. Its frustrating and I have to constantly ask for help from my parents. My mom raised me to think independently and not rely on much of anyone else. Now that I can't work until after I have surgery I can't get food on my time or get the supplies I need when I need them. How do I stay sane and not get stressed out being in this situation?