Baby corner in bedroom

Anyone want to share their babys space if they don't have their own room? I know most people have a bassinet/cosleeper/crib for baby in their room for the first few months. Does anyone have all of baby's things in their room? We will be moving out within a few months, and for lack of extra space, baby will be in the room with us until then. We have a little corner set up for him but I'm totally lost on the best way to organize it for him! So far we have a little open storage caddy type thing that holds his bath stuff, diapers, wipes, a couple blankets, swaddles and his newborn size clothes. Across from that I have one of those clear storage unit things with drawers, with all of his other clothes. I'm feel so unorganized and like everything is just shoved into drawers. Welcoming any tips or ideas anyone has!