first IUI using donor sperm

We are a married, lesbian couple. 24 and 25. We've been married almost two years! 
This is mine and my wife's first go round of <a href="">Fertility treatment</a> and we do not have any known fertility complications. I will be carrying first! Using a picked open donor from California Cryo. I am 25 and have never been pregnant and never tried to become pregnant. This is our first everything! We have been planning and tracking since last year and we are beyond ready to become parents together. 
We went in for my blood work and vaginal ultrasound on CD3. 
We are still waiting to hear back about blood work, but the ultra sound went perfectly. There were no cyst, the uterine lining is shedding as it should and I have 7 follicles, just on one side, about half that on other, so plenty potentials.
We are planning to just use OPKs at home and plan our <a href="">IUI</a> around that since I am so young and what seems to be fertile. Our next step is to buy our OPKs, I am only on CD5 right now, and start testing on CD10! 
Please share your stories and experiences!! We're so excited and the more we talk about the process the more relaxed and confident we become! 
:) warm wishes