Flu at 10 weeks pregnant

Long story short as possible. I went the to ER twice yesterday. Pain all over my body, vomit, coughing, fevers of 102 and severe jaw pain and earaches. They did a flu swab, strep test and said they couldn't figure it out.
I come back in less than 12 hours fevers scorching, pain worsening overall just not any better. Tylenol wasn't helping. This time they did a second flu test. Came back and said, yeah you have the flu. Gave me antibiotics because I also have a UTI... (not mentioned the first time) tamiflu, Tylenol and told me to be in bed rest. At the time I was able to walk and now I can't move an inch of my body on my own. My husband has to help me move, get me to the bathroom, sit me up to eat (what i can) and I've been heavily drinking water. My fever is still at 102 and I cannot walk or move. 
I've been to the ER 4-5 times in 3 months (kidney infections in Jan and feb) and the first times they always send me home after waiting several hours to be seen. I feel like they don't take me seriously and think I just come in for the hell of it. Idk what to do. I've never had the flu and I know it's dangerous while pregnant. Do I keep taking tamiflu for another 24-48 hours to see if it kicks in or when would be the time to go back to the Er. Honestly at this rate, I don't care if they admit me. I am miserable.