MIL problems

I have never been annoyed of my MIL until I became pregnant. I think my emotions might just be on a roller coaster ride but still.... First, my child will be my parents first grandchild and my husbands parents already have grandchildren. My mom doesn't bombard me WHATSOEVER. She always tells me she's praying for a healthy baby. Anyway, were finding out the gender tomorrow and my MIL demands that we call her and tell her the moment we leave the doctors... word for word she said, "I'll have my phone glued to me, call me immediately." Ummm no. Then she tries to tell us that she wants us to do a gender reveal party if we're not gonna announce it to everyone right away, but that she must know. She apparently has a habit of telling my sister in law how to raise her children. I'm frustrated mostly because there isn't a whole lot I can do. My husband said that his parents are impossible to have conversations with... this meaning that if we were to go tell them how we feel it would go in one ear and out the other. Also my mom bought us a crib, car seat, and some other odds and ends and my MIL made fun of it because the crib was previously used. I know I sound obnoxious for complaining but some days I just need to vent because I honestly can't stand her some days!