Help, please.

Bare with me please. I need help. My father is a very unhappy man. This being said he is one of the big parts of why I'm depressed. But he doesn't get this. He came to pick me up from school(I'm in sophomore year of college) and while I wasn't in my room he snooped through all of my stuff and found two bottles of alcohol. Mind you it's been in my fridge since the end of January and hasn't been touched. My one friend caught him going through my stuff. He hasn't said anything to me about it but I know he's waiting to and he's going to "flip shit" and freak out. I'm just as mad if not angrier. He violated my "trust," looked through my shit, and is angry about finding alcohol. I'm a good kid. I have good grades, never have been in trouble, do I have the right to be angry? He's taking his anger out on my brother right now. It's 3:00 am and they just got into a fight. What do I do? Please give me advice. (Before anyone says anything college loans are in my name and my parents pay for nothing.)