Please help!!! Breast milk crisis!

I have been combi feeding my daughter since she was 2 weeks old on the advice of midwives/doctors as I have a low milk supply and she was losing instead of gaining weight. This has been a perfect feeding plan for us and I had no issues whilst doing this. About a week and a half ago I came down with a really bad cold and I noticed almost immediately that I wasn't producing as much milk as I usually do. I did a bit of reading and felt comforted that it should return to "normal" once I was better. However, last weekend my Nana was taken very poorly and I stayed by her side for 36 hours until she passed away on the Sunday. During this time I didn't pump or nurse my daughter as I was too distracted and my husband was taking care of her at home. Since then I have been struggling to produce breastmilk. It's a good day if I manage to pump 2oz in a 24 hour period. I am pumping as often as I can, but my daughter gets really frustrated when I try to nurse her as she isn't getting any milk. Have I completely damaged my milk supply to the point where it is drying up? Or is there something that I can do to reverse this? Any advice will be greatly appreciated xx