missed miscarriage?

So last Friday my baby had a heartbeat of 99bpm at 6weeks gestation and dr said it was "a little low" come back in two weeks. I ended up getting a very bad sinus infection this past Thursday with fever hitting 101.2 and managed it with Tylenol, since this is my first pregnancy, I was extra precauatious and asked to see my Ob and have u/S just to make sure al is ok. But unfortunately I just got the heartbreaking news my baby no longer has a heartbeat due to "chromosomal abnormalities" not at all due to my sinus infection just simply it wasn't meant to be, so now I've been awake all night sick and stuffy nose with this cold virus and scared to death of the physically painful and emotional loss I'm about to experience. I just wish my body would get this over wth already. Why is it just torturing me not realizing my baby has discontinued to grow. How much longer will I have to wait for the inevitable. My dr offered me D&C but even with that there's chance of scar tissue causing infertility. I'm so scared just want to wake up from this nightmare!!!!!