Cramps? 36w1d

Im 36w 1d and since yesterday my entire stomach has been hard as a was actually hard to get comfortable at all...I took a warm bath last night and went to lay down and felt some god awful pressure and some cramps in my sides and lower abdomen... once I got up and walked around it was mainly just some pressure so needless to say I slept in the recliner since I couldnt lay down... this morning the crampy feeling is still there, almost like light menstrual cramps. I had an exam on Monday and hadnt dilated or had any contractions up until that point. Like, literally nothings going on in there lol
Has anyone had this and is it normal? Im not a ftm but with my last it ended in csection due to extremely high bp and I never dilated, had cramps, never had any legit contractions I could feel or anything so this part is new to me...