fertility problems- before 30!

Hi πŸ‘‹ to everyone that clicked on this topic.
I wanted to see how many of us struggling to conceive.
I am 26 and At the moment reason for my inability to conceive is due to hormones - very low progesteron, stopped period for 5 months already and no ovulation because of it.
I had blood tests, scans but they can't find anything causing low progesterone.
I feel like my doctors not doing enough to sort my problem out.
At first I had to wait until I had no period for 3 months before they started doing anything. I had scan 2 weeks ago and I was told they will get in touch with me within a week. I tried to ring but receptionist somehow had problem hearing me but I perfectly heard her. It is frustrating that I have to chase after an appointment when I was told they will get in touch with me...
Anyone with the same fertility issue?