Where is the support ? ๐Ÿ˜•

I've seen so many post, not just lately, but for a while now, women have to update their original post defending themselves because most of you gang up and just talk shit or are just plain rude, when they only come on her and post for advice or support.ย 
I get this is the Internet, but why does every single social media outlet turn into fighting?ย 
You can have an opinion, but you can also word it differently and not be so rude to people.ย 
You also have the right to say whatever you want, but most of you are so rude, and downright bitchy to people on here. It's really sad. This app is supposed to be for support and help. It feels like it's mostly judging, and who can be the most witty with responses.ย 
It's so sad that people have to update and explain themselves. You are literally reading a small portion of their lives, and situations they are going through. So honestly, wtf people?
Why are most of you so rude ? Does it just feel good to be mean to random people on the internet ?ย 
One last thing, the "what do you expect? You're asking the Internet ย for opinions and I gave one, don't like it? Don't post" like no, fuck that, that's not a good reason to be rude or mean to someone.ย