😓💔 subchorionic hematoma..anyone else?

I had heavy bleeding Sunday 2/11 and thought I had a chemical, got my BFP Friday last week and my doctor ordered blood work which came back healthy, increasing and normal Saturday and Monday. Then at my second job last night I started bleeding out of nowhere and cramping, of course my OB doctor on call told me to immediately go to the hospital. After almost 4 hours of waiting, ultrasounds, tests and blood work the doctor informed us that I have a very large subchorionic hematoma (hemorrhage) which was the bleeding I was having and cramping. Basically they told me it was a threatened miscarriage and I am now on complete bed rest not allowed to do anything and have to go back for more work up tomorrow to get some answers hopefully. My hcg levels are still rising which is good but are low for being almost 6 weeks along as the ultrasound showed I could not be as far along as predicted. This is basically just a waiting game and can go either way, having a healthy pregnancy or miscarrying. I'm in full blown panic and anxiety mode 😓😖 has anyone else ever been diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma? If so, what was your outcome? Just need some advice or hope.. 💔