Well it just happened. Im in labour!

Sunny • Married❤ Baby #1, born 2006. Lost premie baby #2, born 2007. TTC#3 since July/15. Got my + July 6/16 💖 Due March 2017. Its a BOY! Baby decided to come Feb.25th, 2017 :)

I guess my baby wants to be a February baby lol I was due March 16th, but I woke up today Feb.25th at 4am to contractions that were 1-2 minutes apart. So we left home at 6am for the hospital. I was 4-5cm dilated at 7:20am.

Here I am now at 10:50am just waiting for things to keep progressing while I'm on antibiotics (because they haven't received my Group b test results yet. So they're being safe). I think I had my bloody show a few minutes ago.

Pain is still tolerable. Im planning to go all natural. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: After being in the hospital for so many hours and getting so many cervical checks, my contractions just completely stopped for some reason. So they ended up rupturing my membranes at 6pm, breaking my water at around 9pm and then giving me pitocin to get things going since I was at 6cm for awhile. My beautiful baby boy was born naturally(no epidural/pain meds) on Feb 25th, 11:17pm at 6lbs 11oz ☺

Then the next day I found out my friend who was also due in March, 1week after me, actually gave birth that same day at 3am to a baby girl lol Even in the same hospital, and same unit. But I didnt even see her haha. We also see the same OB lol

Good luck to all the March mommies 😊