Bloody Horror

I was at work yesterday, I work in an office and was talking with some customers but I knew I needed to go to the restroom because something was wrong. While in there I realized I was bleeding. I'm 9 weeks pregnant so I was terrified to say the absolute least.. I went to the hospital and after 4 hours and 20 tests everything came out alright.. 
I wanted to post on here just to remind anyone who has been or is where I was last night that your not alone.. 
It's terrifying but stay strong and have faith that everything will be okay.. 
It's been 4 days since the ER, and I'm still having lots of cramping and bleeding. I have an appointment with my doctor today to see what's going on.. I haven't been to work and basically just been on bed rest. But I am hoping that everything is okay. 
They couldn't find a heartbeat today during the ultrasound... they're doing some blood work to see if I'm miscarrying 💔