8dpo symptoms 🤔

Sarah-Jane • TTC 16 months💏We did it🤰🏽Sophie born 10/7/18💕
Every month I symptom spot and always have AF appear ☹️ this month I've used pre seed and pineapple 🍍 but since 7dpo I've had really bad bloating and even worse flatulence 🙊 which isn't like me at all! I've had pinching pains on and off for 2 days and a lot of creamy discharge. I'm not getting my hopes up at all as I literally can't deal with the disappointment so have become a bit numb to it all ...as I've had no implation bleeding my boobs aren't sort or anything else but was wondering if anyone had such bad wind/pains or creamy CM and then got a BFP or AF?

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