My parents don't let me go to my boyfriend's house or anything like that

My boyfriend moving houses so he invited me yesterday i asked my mom she like No No and im like why & she like because i don't want you to go & i'm like please let me its the last day for him to live there and she said "i don't care" i was so sad i started crying i asked again & still no and i got so mad because its allways like that she thinks ima have sex or something she even says she scared to even let him in my house sometimes because she thinks he "fingers me" when never once he did, When my boyfriend comes over i'm in the lving room with my brother  i act so decent but my mom always thinking we doing something i'm tried of it & yesterday she hit me because "i was asking to much " she then tells my dad a bunch of shit that sometimes my boyfriend puts his hands on me when he never does & just so much crap i'm tried of it i'm 16 but to them they don't care. Also i lost there trust since i was in middle school i would sneak him in but a bunch of mistakes they told me they never trust me ever again. they scared i will get pregnant thats why they never let me go with my boyfriend so practically missing out on our teenage years i just want to move out 😭😭 I'm doing so much better right now i was young and stupid why do i have to suffer