So hubby and I were in our room doing what grown ups do and our 6 yr old knocked on the door. We both asked what he wanted and he asked if I was okay and we replied yes and my husband said go back to bed. A little while later he came back and knocked again. We asked what was wrong and he said you're to loud! My husband said go to sleep, he said I can't because mommy is making to much noise. My husband then tells him that we are play fighting and our son said no you're not, you're trying to make a baby. My husband said no we're play fighting and our son said naw, naw, naw you're lying, y'all trying to make a baby and walked back to his room. I don't know what to feel! But I think it was kind of funny. His tone and the way that he said it was like, look I already know what y'all doing but just keep it down.