What do i do?

So I have a really strict family and my boyfriend knows it I'm mexican and he is Cuban he is used to just doing what he want whenever he wants. I went out to a night club with him and I told him I had to be back at 2 am and he got upset about it at the end he just dropped me off at my house and took off. He asked me today to go out again and my dad was upset that he just took off like that last time he told me to be back at 1 am and so I told him and he just went off that next time I had to be back at 11 and that we just shouldn't go any more I just don't know what to do like I hate that my dad is this way and he exaggerates but also like my boyfriend doing this to me too I'm just in the middle and I hate it I need help because my sister jeeps ignoring me when I need advice and my mom just says she doesn't know what to tell me like what the fuck am I suppose to do now?