The means to raise a baby.

Before my husband and I decided to have a baby I didn't think of how difficult it was going to be for us. Two people without a college degree but with respectable jobs. We are from California where cost of living is high and job security is tough and competitive.  We are living at my mother n laws house, In a small room, cold and with little space for us let alone a baby.  My husband recently lost his job and is looking with no luck for two months.  My insurance is on the verge of being terminated, we have savings but there are months where I don't have enough for the things we need.  I worry about all these things including who will help me babysit the baby when I have to go back to work. I enviously see pictures of nurseries and houses I dream to have. I've lived a humbled life with enough.  I think about how thankful I should be but I can't help being sad because you always want so much more for your kids.  We can't move because he has a daughter in the area who we share custody with and  his job market is in this area. I keep telling myself to be positive and I feel like the world is telling me so as well. Ironically enough My blood type even came back as B positive.  My husband I can tell feels horrible but I know he is trying, we both are, it's just hard out here.  Asking for positive thoughts and words of encouragement because there are days I literally have to tell myself to not be sad, you have enough, don't cry, it will get better.