L&D drugged me and sent me home. Ugh.


I got a membrane sweep done Wednesday (I was dilated to 2) and had horrible contractions that night that just randomly stopped after 2 hours. Yesterday I was at work and could hardly walk due to pelvic and tailbone pain. I get home in the evening and think I have my bloody show (I was still having brown discharge from my sweep but this was pink and mucous). Hubby and I go out shopping today and I start having so we started timing them. They are about 4-5 minutes apart and 45 seconds to a minute long. We get checked into l&d after continuing to shop like this for 2.5 hours. They check my at l&d and I was 4 cm and 80% effaced (confirmed i was still having my bloody show) and having contractions peaking off the charts. They have me walk the halls for 45 minutes and check me again and say that they didn't feel much change. Wahh! 😭 my contractions were so painful I was sure something was happening. They gave me two Ambien (sleeping pills) and basically told me to go home and sleep and come back if I was up to much worse contractions.

Here I was thinking that 4 cm was considered active labor and now I'm at home, awake from a 3 hour nap and feel high out of my gourd from the Ambien. Still having contractions but they seem to have settled a little from earlier when I was walking. I hate going to l&d to get sent home. I'm pretty convinced I'll probably pop this baby out in the car or something so I don't have to get sent home with a false alarm again.