Not sure what to do

My boyfriend has started pulling away and blocking me out. When I press him for answers he says that he honestly doesn't know what he's feeling or what he wants. We talked this morning and he mentioned that he loves me, but he's not sure if it's in a romantic way, and that he's not sure if it's just stress making him unsure if he wants to be in a relationship or if he really just doesn't want to be in one. I love him, with all my heart, but today I'm having a sort of 'come to Jesus' talk with him because I won't be left in this awful limbo of insecurity. It's killing me to even think about ending it, but I'm seriously considering it if he doesn't start taking some steps to show me that he working towards being more open and sorting out his stuff. If you have any advice, please comment. I'm not sure what I should do