Self-Love & Boudoir!

Hello ladies! 
How many of you have considered doing a boudoir or implied nude photoshoot? 
I'm here to shamelessly promote it because it is AWESOME! LOVE YOSLEF!! 
It's a great way to feel sexy and confident, and you can give these photos to a significant other or keep them just for personal positivity. 
A few tips: 
-  Always book with a reputable photographer - make sure their pages can be traced to a website and other works 
- If you're wondering about the experience you may have, reach out to someone who has used that photographer before! 
-  If you're shy or a little nervous, bring a friend along to keep the mood light and fun! Some photographers will even have multiple sets in one day, and the models can hang out and have light cocktails together to loosen up! (; 
- Be yourself! Smile, laugh, or make your hardest RBF - these pictures are to capture you and what makes YOU feel sexy! 
- Have fun!!! ❤️❤️❤️