Being induced


So im being induced in 2.5 hrs due to gestational diabetes im 39 weeks.

Im so nervous and scared. At my last appointment last week i was only 1cm dialated and had a stretch and sweep and it didn't do alot besides help the rest of my plug come out. I am prayer i am dilated more.

What did they start with you with? How long was your labour?

Any ladies have advice for me? Im clearly a FTM coz im freaking out lol

*update #1* Day 1 it is now 3:18am i have had 10 mins sleep Contractions are less than 3 mins apart and lasting over 1 min since iv had the gel so since 3pm. Being checked at 730am to see how much more im dilated and they will most likely send me to birthing unit then and hopefully ill have my baby boy later today. Just thought id update. Will keep updating

*update 2* Day 2 the next day contractions came to a complete stop at 4am. More gel was inserted that day and the waiting begun. I was told i would be checked again at 8pm that night.

8pm came around they wouldnt check me and waited until 7am. They werent happy with the progress i was dilated 2cm and a little thick still but nursery said she would break my waters with the hook but because it was night shift she wasn't allowed to so she will make notes for them to do it in the morning.

*Update 3* day 3 and morning came around dr checked me and said wont do the hook but will do the balloon cathiter and should dilate to a 3 and break my waters tomorrow. So i have been allowed to leave the hospital until 6pm and go back to birthing unit tonight to get the cathiter then they will break my waters tomorrow.

*Update #4* still day 3 - dr didnt need to do the balloon cathiter said he will break my waters in the morning.

*Update #5* Day 4 - tba