3 hour glucose horror!

I did my 3 hour glucose this morning of course because I failed my 1 hour. About 30 min after I was fighting to hold it down and it throw up. By an hour and after my first blood draw and urine sample I was slowly starting to feel better. Well by the time I was done I felt normal. Wasn't hungry, anything. About 15 min after I left I immediately started sweating and getting dizzy and was shaking all over. I stopped at the closest place I could and grabbed food. I felt like I never ate before and about 3 minutes in, I started to feel better. I  was sweating so bad my back was soaking wet and then all of a sudden I was freezing and my teeth were chattering, I was cold from being wet and it was only 30 degrees outside. I came home and crashed for about 20 minutes and have felt groggy and like crap ever since. Never ever had this happen with any of my other tests I've had with my other kids. This was the scariest thing I ever felt. Anyone else feel like this and be alright? It's now 9pm and I'm still kind of feeling off and it's bugging me.