Please help me ?! Is my test positive or is it negative?!

Please help me . This is the second test I've taken.  I went to the doctor on February 23rd for a UTI . They tested my urine while I was there to make sure I wasn't pregnant and it was negative. Although my period is almost always on the 28th or 27th every month.I took a test last week because I became skeptical and it was negative. I am now roughly 5 days late for my next period so I took a test tonight and got this 
Is this test positive or is it just me ? I have had two miscariages in the past so I'm so scared and nervous. I've never had a pregnancy test with such a faint line. They have always been very clear to me. I know they say to take the test first thing in the
morning so I'm going to test again in the morning. I just need some reassurance I am not crazy and this is considered positive. I am also so nervous to tell my fiancé because I know he's just not ready. Any suggestions on how i should approach that situation as well?! :(