Crazy Love Story

I have been talking to a guy for the past two years first we were friends for a couple months and Then started flirting and eventually dating. The thing is we are a long distance relationship he lives in England and I live in California. We have never met yet we got attached in some way that seems impossible. We sent eachother gifts and would talk constantly. Although through out the last year we started having arguments and were on and off for a whole year. We tried to stop talking but we kept coming back to eachother but was mostly sex related. Then I tried to stop talking to him again and now it's almost been a month and I miss him like crazy. I feel like I should reignite our realationship and go visit him in England. I feel heartbroken. Any advice for my crazy story? Plz anything would help. Should I get back together or should I continue to live my life and forget him?