I can't seem to find an answer on this online but maybe just maybe someone will maybe help me out here

I've been freelancing for almost 8 years doing makeup. I love it ! I love doing makeup and seeing the confidence it sparks on women after seeing me finished. Unfortunately I'm in a New area far from where I'm from so getting new clientel, reference is tough! I hope to one day have my own business doing all sorts of stuff ! Like permanent makeup, makeup, hair... etc. I've been interested in doing personal classes with people to teach them about doing makeup and specifically for their own face structures but also working with other faces.  I am certified as a makeup artist.... but teaching others I'd also would like to be able to certify them for those interested in certification. Would anyone know how I can accomplish this ? How can I certify people to also be makeup artists ? Sort of like giving them a full day class which is what I did just for the certification.