Insecurities 😪

Hi, ladies. 
So I'm fairly convinced that social media is definitely the cause of some people's relationship issues because I am now blowing stuff WAY out of proportion with ridiculous jealousy in my amazing 5-year relationship with a wonderful, loving guy. And it all has to do with my own insecurity with myself. 
I've always had decently large breasts (I'm a 34DDD/F), but I often don't feel big enough because of what I know my boyfriend likes. 
💕Please note that my boyfriend has NEVER once made a comment to me that caused me feel this way, he has only ever told me how much he loves my body. And he certainly shows me that and makes me feel very loved.💕
However, I've seen the kind of stuff he's into (he's a boob man) when we've watched porn together (we both like big boobs so it's not like he made me watch it) and he likes HUGE naturals. We're talking like my size and larger. 
But it seems like my size is the smallest he'll look at. 
Recently, he finally got himself an Instagram and I've seen on the "Following" feed that he's figured out the more lewd side of Insta and has followed quite a few large-breasted models. I see him liking some model pages on my Facebook feed too. HUGE hit to my confidence (can't really talk though, I follow Brock O'Hurn on everything).
Now, again, I'm blowing this WAY out of proportion due to my own insecurities. I know he loves me and is very happy with me. 
This isn't something I want to bring up to him, because it's purely me here and not him. It's a really unnecessary problem. 
Can anyone else relate/any tips of what I can do to just boost my own damn confidence? I typically have pretty good body image but sometimes I really with I had bigger breasts. I feel dumb because I'm letting something so small get to me.