Mandi • I`m 28 & married to the love of my life. Currently pregnant w/ my 🌈👶🏻. Angel baby 10/16/16 👼🏻 WE ARE HAVING A BOY! 1/1/18 💙
Do any of you ever feel super dizzy around/during/after O?? I have been so dizzy the past few days. I got peak reading CD16, O'd yesterday CD 17, and this morning my temp went up CD 18. I'm so annoyed w/ people at work bc I'm telling them how dizzy I am and they're all like "bet you're pregnant," and I'm all, "uh no I know 100% I'm not." I want to whip out all my charts and OPK sticks and be like SEE TOLD YOU! But the dizziness is real, am I alone?