horrible day but husband is amazing

Cass • •Mrs. 💍 •27💕• 2/20/2011👦🏻, 12/14/17👧🏼, 1/6/20 👶🏼
First off I want to say I have a wonderful husband and I don't know what I would of done without him today. Well my son had to go get an extra tooth pulled out this morning and that was 2hrs away. So we had to be up early, well I was up sick all night, my body aches, well he helped with my son, I asked my son's dad if he would since I was sick and he said no, so my husband told his boss that he need to help me, so his boss gave him today off and he goes to work tomorrow(was his day off). So we went and he drove, he has helped me with my son all day, just to make sure I don't get him sick as well. I almost broke down and cried in the oral surgeon, because my son's dad gf told me not to contact them unless it's an emergency, all I said was hey Bently is now getting the med to make him go to sleep , so his tooth can be removed and then when he come through and how he was doing,witch in the court order says to tell them everything especially doctors apts and I would think that falls under the court order. Ugh I wish his dad would help out more and be more then a dad on every other weekend. My husband calls my son his son, and had been there through everything with him, every doctors apt, every surgeries he had(dental and tubes in his ears), I'm glad my other half is so good with my son