9 weeks - should I quit my job?

Hi ladies,
I'm after some advice and feedback about my job situation. My husband and I contracted to manage an accommodation resort in Australia (note: we are contractors, not employees). This is a part time role, and we each have another part time job to fill the gap. 
My problem is I think the owner of the property (who lives overseas) has crossed the line and now treats us as employees. We have to-do lists we must complete and have back to her every week that cover errands, maintenance and marketing work done that week. We are so busy at the moment with guests that doing these extra bits she wants us to is hard to fit in with the number of hours we get paid for. 
These issues (and then some) have been ongoing since we accepted the role a year ago. We have tried to talk to her numerous times about how we're feeling in an effort to resolve things, but she doesn't appear to trust us enough to give our opinions any weight and the cycle continues. 
Recently, we spoke to her about some things regarding the business and all we got was negative feedback. It was devastating to know that we're busying our arses to try to grow the business - and are succeeding! - and yet all she can see is the negatives. 
We had planned to terminate our contract so that our time there ended when I would go on "maternity leave", but I just don't think I can hold out that long. I am extremely anxious whenever I see an email come through from her, and have suffered a few mild panic attacks in the last week due to correspondence from her. 
We have to give three months notice as well, so it would be hard to find another job prior to resigning. However, we live in a small town and are well respected, so I don't think we'd have any trouble finding work. 
I am planning on using my pregnancy as an excuse for us terminating the contract - has anyone does this? ie say I have been having high blood pressure and on doctor's advice etc etc. 
Any advice is very much appreciated. Apologies for the anon post, but I don't know if people I know are on here and am desperate to keep this on the down low.