kinda nervous

Anne 💙💙💙 • Mom to 3 boys. August 2015, December 2016, December 2018
Had my son on 12/19. Bled for 5 weeks. Stopped got a period for 5 days on 2/8. Then bled for 3 days on 2/27. Haven't gotten another period. Don't know if I would count from the 9th or the 27th. I've been SO TIRED the last week. I was chalking it up to going back to work on the 6th but now I'm wondering if I might be pregnant again. I was told I don't ovulate on my own. I needed clomid for both my kids so we just use pull out to be on the "safer side" but good lord what if my body suddenly decided to work on its own?? My kids are 19 months and almost 3 months. Yikes. I probably should buy a test. 😳