Bf with low sex drive/never masturbates

I'm just a little confused and I'd like to know if someone else has experienced this.. I started seeing this guy and he's really nice, probably the nicest guy I've ever met. But he's told me he doesn't masturbate (for whatever reason) and I legit thought it's something all men do (he's 21). I'm thinking he could have a religious reason for it (he's muslim)? 
Not just that, but his sex drive is not that high either, whenever we're together he almost constantly has a boner and he compliments my body but it seems to be difficult for him to maintain the erection during sex. He also told me that on a scale of 1-10 sex is only a 6-7, he enjoys it but says that the orgasm is so quick and then it's really the cuddling that feels really nice not the actual sex. He's really sweet but I've never met a guy like this before! Is this a good or a bad thing? 
EDIT: Not sure if this is relevant but he's also the most organized and clean person I've ever met, especially for a guy. He dislikes his body/facial hair and seems pedantic about how his room is organized and his things. I also don't know him that well yet, known him for about a week but we've spent everyday together because we really enjoy each others company. But I can't really bring this up yet, I don't want to make him feel self-conscious about anything.