"You don't do anything other than feed the baby and get her to sleep"

That is what my husband just said to me. I'm a stay-at-home mom to my 4 month old daughter and I bust my ass taking care of her. Although I love it, it's hard. My daughter still wakes up every 2 hours at night (sometimes she'll sleep a 3-5 hour stretch if I'm lucky) but I'm usually up 4 times every night and then I almost never get to nap during the day because when the baby sleeps I make myself food because I'm breast feeding and I need to keep my calories up and I get some chores done. I'm exhausted. I also slept terribly for most of my pregnancy, my mom died while I was pregnant which was horrible and also made me lose so much sleep, and I was up for over 48 hours while in labor which I've never had the chance to recover from. My husband helps around the house by cleaning and making dinner which I'm really thankful for and I tell him that all the time. But he sleeps 8 hours + uninterrupted (he sleeps in another room now because his snoring was waking me up when the baby was sleeping) and he has a self admittedly easy desk job and spends a lot of his time b.s.ing on the internet all day.. him telling me I don't do anything was prompted by me asking him if he could change the baby's diaper while I was trying to nap because he's off today. He's really mean to me a lot and it's really upsetting. I feel so alone since my mom died and I'm actually really proud of myself for pushing myself to not show my daughter how exhausted I am. I try to be energetic with her through out the day and be the best mom I can. I also have a thyroid issue which makes me exhausted too 😞 Anyway.. i don't think my husband will ever understand any of these things and it's really sad me. Stay at home moms don't get enough credit..