am I over reacting?

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Okay my bf and I got engaged on the 24th of last month and we've been on cloud nine 🙌🏻 
But today while we were watching a movie I jokingly got on his phone and opened his Snapchat I said "ohh babe lets see who your talking to" I totally trust him we just joke around saying stuff like that to one another.
But then he says with a straight face "get off my phone!" Keep in mind he checks my phone while I sleep (he's told me he does) so then I got defensive and said "uhh no" when he told me to get off his phone he then proceeds to snatch his phone outta my hand and calls me annoying and that he hates when I do that "shit" and tells me just to check it when he's sleeping..
I started to cry and get extremely mad cause now Im thinking what if he is talking to someone!? Otherwise why get mad about it?? I may have been to dramatic about all this cause I threw my ring at him and told him "take your ring back I don't wanna marry someone who's gonna be rude and call me names especially someone who's acting sketchy!" 
Ladies! Am I in the wrong!? HELP!