not really October babies related but I need help!

Okay, so I'm posting in this section because my son is an October baby and I'm getting Married in August. I'm not even to my pre pregnancy weight but I'm working on it! Not even just because I'm self conscious at the moment but I just want to be overall healthier. But I went dress shopping & it really gave me a reality check on my size, I gained 40lbs with my rainbow & my CW is 188. I was an emotional wreck, because I really wanted my mom to be there with me on such a special day, have her advice & moral support. She couldn't be there & I already was cutting it on the time frame. All I had with me was my babies, my 8yo & my 5 monther. Of course my daughter will say I look beautiful but out of all the dresses I tried on, I let my newly added curves choose for me. I literally let the dress choose me, nothing I'd ever think of picking myself. Nobody will see it until the day of. So I would appreciate some opinions. Is it to plain? Should I go for a different style. This is suppose to be a happy moment but it honestly giving me anxiety. 😞