Low Absolute Neutrophils??

My 9 month old son had his wellness visit yesterday. He has been gaining weight well per the pediatrician ( 19lbs 14oz and 29.5inches tall)
Our pediatrician ordered a complete blood count yesterday and results came back. The nurse called me and stated that my sons neutrophil count is low maybe because he was fighting a viral infection at the time of the blood draw. He has not been showing any signs or symptoms of anything. He has been a very happy boy and has been drinking and eating and sleeping well. 
He currently gets formula and one bottle of breast milk a day ( I started supplementing at 7months) 
His absolute neutrophil count was 1.2 (normal range: 1.8-10.0) and lymphocytes were 85 (normal range: 35-65)
I'm worried that it's something serious. Has anyone been through this?