Parents making me choose them or BF as they hate him!


We had a big argument last night and my family hate my bf for some reasons. Some of there reasons are valid but they have given me a choice.

I either stay at home and keep my family and have nothing to do with my BF that I love very much.


I leave and be with my BF which my family will have nothing to do with me anymore. Even if I split up from my current BF and get another they will still disown me effectively. Will not support me or put a roof over me head if I need it.

Im not a bad person and I feel this is extremely harsh for being in love with someone. I can understand if they wanted me to go and live with him but to say they will have nothing to do with me, just because they feel that I care more for him than them and they dont like what I am doing and my choice who I love. Im 20 years old and Im studying and do not get much income as Im a student and I also have a pony that if I leave I have to take with me and find somewhere to keep him as he is currentky stabled at home.

My dad is very very stubborn and pig headed and if anyone can enlighten me on anything else to suggest or that this is completely unnecessary then pls let me know as Im stuck in the middle stressed out of my head. They want me having no contact with my bf at all and stop messaging him on my phone, which is my phone that I pay for and my dad takes off me like Im a child, and Im still messaging him as I love him and want to be with him and we're both willing to wait until my course Im studying has finished and Im qulaifed and see what happens so Im more stable financially and not having exams in the way.

Thank you 😭😭 X