what do you talk think of the "she deserved it" theory. (trigger)

Have you ever heard of the "she deserved it because..." theory like a LOT of women have been raped, or sexually abused. I am one, and I heard "you deserved it " or "you were asking for it" Because you were flirting with him, even though I said no when things got weird. (Mind you I was 16 and he was 28 and I was really just being nice with the new guy). 
So what do you guys think, do you think there is any reason a women was "asking for it"?
 I don't think there is ever a reason no matter what they were wearing or how they were acting unless they were actually asking for it there is no such thing.
Side note...the cop convinced (made) me to drop the charges because I had a sip of alcohol that night (I don't  drink). At the time I was young enough to believe him and took is advice and dropped them. He also played the "if you do this he will lose his whole career" card