Late Period? Need advice...

Kourt • Hawaii | Finally a mom! Dec 24th 2017
Aloha everyone!
I missed my period. It's more than two days. I keep having to adjust the calendar on GLOW by clicking "My period is late". I'm on CD 36. I think the most for myself was 32? I took a test and negative! Is there such thing as too little pee? Lol Like do I need to take the test at a certain time? I took the test after dinner, after a bottle of water LOL! Was that dumb?! Haha. Just realized that I should have waited. Is this normal? I've always had like 28-32 Cycles. Never this long. Any thoughts? Or any one else can share with me some knowledge? Or experience? We are trying to conceive. And should we wait another couple days to test.