Sleep training

Dan 🇨🇦 • Proud dad of one, soon to be two!
Any other dads going through sleep training? Since the beginning of February my baby hasn't slept more than an hour at as time at night unless she's sleeping on one of us.
She's coming up on eight months now and my wife and I haven't had more than two straight hours of sleep in two months. Liliana is suffering to, she's not getting enough sleep.
We went through all kinds of ideas. We went back to using her little Merlin sleep suit, tried changing her evening routine, later bed, earlier bed, had her checked for reflux. 
So here we are, night one of sleep training. We're letting her cry for five minute intervals. So far it took three before she stopped crying. I hope it's all it takes and she sleeps now because it's breaking this dad's heart to hear his little girl cry.