3 days...

I'm 19, and I think I need to break up with my boyfriend. 
3 days ago my boyfriend stopped talk to me. I had told him how every time he said something about wanting sex I would change the subject. I just didn't feel like having sex as of lately. He told me how I made him feel worse than before, he got on the phone with his mom after. I was trying to explain to him why, but he said to give him time. I'm in college and I'm a HP, so I was having a event thinking he was going to show. He never did. When I asked why he said he just wanted to chill, I'm always telling him to do stuff. I'm a college student with a lot of responsibilities, I don't have the time to "just chill" when he wants to. I apologized even though I felt I was being guilted into feeing sorry for hurting his feelings. For 3 days he stopped talking to me and now just sent a text he's half way  to his home in NC. 3 days of giving him space, 3 days of feeing like shit, 3 days....but he was the one that cried when I first brought up breaking up months ago. What should I do? I love him but obviously I'm not that important to him.