I have baby fever and I need to get rid of it! help ladies!

Okay I've got a 1 track mind, BABIES! Boys, girls all of it! I want one and not just the adorableness, I want to be a mom! I was to raise kids and take them to school and see them watch their daddy come home from deployment, I want to see my kids grow up I just want all of it. I don't want the girly I want a baby to play with thing! But right now I'm in school to be a cosmetologist and my husband is and E-2 in the Navy. We're not financially stable until we move and we're trying to find a cheaper place immidatly. Besides that we'd be okay. I graduate in one year and after that I already have a job at the salon in base making over $1000 guaranteed. But right now my husband doesn't want a baby and it's probably not the best time! I need to be convinced that it's too much for me to have a baby now or in 9 months. Tell me all the negatives please!