"You can't do that when you're pregnant."

Kaitlynn • Ellie Sue. Born August 20th, 2017 ❤️
I hate when people tell you what to do when you're pregnant.. or tell you what you can't do. I'm carrying my baby. I've looked into it a lot. I'm pretty sure most pregnant women know what puts them at risk for certain things. I'm very protective of my baby even though he's not born yet! My SOs brother and his girlfriend are going to drive me crazy. They keep saying "you can't eat this, you can't do that." They don't even have a baby so they have no clue! A lot of things change when you're pregnant. My SO wanted to take me to a reptile show because I've always wanted to go, plus we aren't going to have time to take the trip when we have a baby. We had to drive 4 hours to the show and we ended up staying two days. Kind of like a baby moon 😊 His brother said I couldn't go to the show because pregnant women can't hold reptiles. I think I know the risks! I have 6 reptiles at home! I always wear gloves when cleaning their cages and I wash my hands after I hold them. Oh and here is my new pets from the reptile show 😂