entitled family members

So I'm having a hard time here. I'm about to be a first time mom at the end of June and as we get closer to my due date, I'm filled with anxiety. Not about baby coming but the amount of family members who feel entitled to hold her. Is this a new Mom thing? There are several family members, from both sides of the family, who I keep at arms distance because of dramatic issues in the past. Two in particular are still passively being royal B's (can I say that?) and I'm just not feeling ok with handing my newborn over to them. Drama set aside, the idea that "I'm so-in-so and that baby is my (blank)" really pisses me off. How do some of you deal with family like this? Our hospital only lets in 4 visitors at a time (including my husband, so it's really like 3 at a time) and already I'm hearing "I'm in the first group because I'm so-in-so." I don't have energy to argue with people so I don't say anything. My husband is of the mindset that everyone is just really excited and when the time comes it won't be an issue, but I feel like it already is because I don't know how to tell someone no with out it causing a major issue.