How to get over a breakup

I didn't think I'd ever post here, but I really don't know what to do I'm feeling so destroyed right now. My boyfriend of one year and three months just broke up with me. I know to some of you that seems like such a short time, but I really felt he was the man I was going to marry, I have borderline personality disorder so overall I'm not good at any relationships, I can barely even have friendships. He said he loved me and didn't care that he'd stay with me no matter what I accidently said without meaning that I was his twin soul and he was going to be with me till the end of our lives, that we'd get married and have kids and everything. I can't control what I say and I get huge mood swings, he said he knows it's not my fault and it wouldn't change his mind about me. He came to my house today and I was depressed since I woke up so I want being very cuddly like usual and he asked me if he should just go to his house, I said that I didn't want him to buy that he should that I'm not even making happy anyways, that somehow made him mad and he mumbled something under his breath and left, then he simply texted me goodbye. How do I get over the man that means everything to me the person I wanted to be in my life forever? I know this is long so thank so to whoever took their time to read this. What do I do should I just never get back with him and let him find someone normal who wouldn't need things up or should I still try 😖