to dump, or not to be dumped. that is the question

I don't know if I'm overreacting or... but honestly I don't have anyone else to talk to.. so why not here? Basically I'm pretty bummed about me and my relationship with my boyfriend. We don't spend anytime together because of his work and party life. I tell him this every once and awhile that I miss him. He always says I do too!! we'll hangout soon. I even invited him to my house!! My dad is very protective and I'm surprised that he'll even let a guy come to the house. And the thing that gets me is when he told me "when I want something, I'll surely get it". I tell my friends about him too.. they always say I should dump him, but I like the guy. Idk if this is enough information... I'm not good at explaining things. This is all I got. Hopefully someone can knock some sense into me