Ok so I'm now 33 days late. My boobs are a cup size bigger, they've darkened two shades, I have spider veins and dark bulging blue veins all over my breast, they're sore, I have a wet/milky discharge, cervix is high, soft, closed, bloated, gassy, constipated, nausea...the list goes on, yet I'm still getting negative hpt. I have a doctor appointment the 10th, but I'm curious has anyone been in the same boat I'm in? I'm so confused. Everyone is convinced I'm pregnant and my doctor said I may have ovulated late or twice and not be as far along, but I still think I'd get a positive by now right? I've read where some people haven't gotten their positives till 12-14 weeks and I know someone personally who never got a positive the whole time she was pregnant, it just seems odd to me. Any advice and all stories welcome!